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Telco Infrastructure

Telco Infrastructure

We handle every step of the process, from analysis and acquisitions, legal requirements and permit applications to construction, project management and equipment installation.

Telecommunication Towers

We build towers to suit the location and demands which varies from 4-legged and 3-legged towers , Rooftop towers, Monopole and Aesthetic Poles that blends in with the environment.

Dark Fibre Connectivity

Be in control over your network with dedicated and secured infrastructure by choosing Dark Fibre connectivity. At Numix, we offer tailored solutions to meet our Client’s need, Whether you require the shortest path between two locations, more complex options such as diverse fiber paths with varying lead-in-points into buildings or exclusive networks, Numix is your ideal network provider. Achieve full network independence

Smart Pole

Smart Pole, Smart City, Smart Choice! We connect citizens with more than just lighting through cutting edge Smart Pole technology. Live a better live through services that matters to the people such as Hot Spot Wi-Fi, Security & Surveillance Camera, Traffic Control, Emergency & Disaster Control, Charging Station for electric vehicle, Panic Button, USB Connectors, Billboards & Digital Information.

In-Building Coverage

With growing urban population and the shifts towards smart cities and smart buildings, the need for reliable and fast network connections for indoor coverage is really vital. Our IBC solutions are customised to ensure consistent high network performance. If you are building or operating High-Rise Tower, Residential Complexes, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Airport, Hospitals, Transportation Hubs, Convention Centres, Hotels, Indoor Theme Parks and Office Buildings, come talk to us!

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