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Satellite Connectivity

Satellite Connectivity

We can advise on the best solution no matter what your goal is, our friendly experts will find the right satellite connectivity that suits you!

Fixed VSAT

Our Fixed VSAT are ideal for remote areas that can easily be installed with mall mount or ground depending on Client’s requirement at a stable location.

VSAT On-Wheels

Our VSAT On-Wheels are designed for automatic satellite acquisition from a fixed location. Whether you’rer travelling across countries and continents or doing remote field work, you can count on for an uninterrupted Internet access, data and voice communication access.

Portable VSAT

Highly mobile, easily transportable and fast deploying for access to high- speed internet satellite from anywhere in the world!

Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEO)

Welcome to the revolutionary satellite internet service that’s changing the game for businesses in rural and remote areas. With LEO, you can enjoy high-speed internet access that was previously unavailable, no matter where you are located!

Maritime & Offshore

We are committed in providing our Clients with advance, robust and high-speed global Ku-Band maritime VSAT solutions. We help our Clients to increase their business efficiency and on-board communications from luxury yatchs, to super trawlers oil & gas rig and shipping fleets. In an industry where efficiency, sustainability, and crew welfare are paramount, providing reliable, flexible and superior connectivity is essential. Thanks to our high-speed quality maritime technology, we are able to keep your costs down while ensuring your assets are connected where ever they are.

Maritime VSAT

With state-of-the-art global roaming antenna systems, we offer great variety of products and solutions for commercial or military applications. Explore how Numix Maritime VSAT could revolutionise your vessel connectivity by optimising your communications for your changing needs, whilst saving you money!

Offshore VSAT

We accelerate digital transformation in the oil and gas industry with low latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to offshore assets. With our industry-leading technical expertise, our secured network allows reliable real-time connectivity for offshore and oilfield operations.

Low Latency

Significantly more responsive than today’s GEO satellites for fibre-like performance enables remote monitoring, real-time video, increased automation and ability to connect.

High Speed

Delivering high speed to a remote with multiple Gbps in downlink and uplink directions to ensure steady connectivity.


Highly resilient network ensures your sites are always connected 24-7.

Global, Scalable & Quick Deployment

With quick service deployment, we are able to provide entreprise-grade global and scalable connectivity. Sophisticated antennas on satellite with agile beams can dynamically focus capacity precisely where Clients require it.

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