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Bridging Tomorrow's Connectivity with Innovation Today

We are at the forefront of technological evolution since 1997, is your pioneering partner in crafting a seamless future of connectivity.

About Us

In a world driven by making efficiencies and improving control over remote access and bridging better connectivity across the rural and urban areas, we can advise on the best solution no matter what your goal is. Established since 1997, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experiences in telecommunications industry and becoming one of the leading managed service provider in Malaysia.

Numix’s innovative and integrated approach of customised technology and engineering expertise allows us to develop and offer unique solutions to meet our Client’s need.

Our Services

With a legacy of innovation, we bridge the gap between today's challenges and tomorrow's solutions. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that, with Numix, you're always connected to the future, today.

Your Trusted Partner in Connectivity Technology

Proven Expertise

Our extensive knowledge and experience make us a reliable choice for clients seeking expertise in Satellite Connectivity, Wireless Solutions, and Telco Infrastructure. We've consistently delivered innovative and tailored solutions, earning the trust of businesses across diverse sectors.

Seamless Connectivity Solutions

Whether it's staying in touch through advanced VSAT Satellite Connectivity, ensuring flexible and reliable Wireless Connectivity for various needs, or designing and building cutting-edge Telco Infrastructure, we provide services that empower businesses and communities alike.

Future-Ready Approach

Our innovative and integrated approach, coupled with a focus on renewable energy, positions us as a future-ready partner for clients looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Talk to the experts

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